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LCD Panels: Shapes Sizes & Brightness

12 November 2018

Larger LCD panels these days are a lot more interesting from a creative perspective with variables including Shape, Size, Brightness and Curve. For a start there are over 400 panel models (with backlight) over 30″ listed … [more]

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LCD Monitor: Custom Gamma Correction Curve Lookup Tables

7 October 2018

Create your own gamma correction curve lookup tables together with custom on-screen menu entries to select them. Being able to calibrate a display system is essential for some applications such as viewing medical images on … [more]


Brightness & Backlight – Confusion?

3 December 2017

There are a few oddities in the LCD market such as TV companies referring to LED TV’s when they are really LCD based with LED backlights – this has now resulted in LED display companies … [more]


Large Screen Controller & Telemetry Chassis

1 June 2017

This chassis is an easy to install all-in-one large panel display connectivity solution that incorporates the display controller with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs.  It features connections for temperature sensors, fans and GPIO, as well as … [more]

Digital View ALR-1400v2 LCD controller

ALR-1400v2 Updates

26 March 2017

The ALR-1400v2, a replacement for the ALR-1400 which has been in production for over 10 years, is relatively new and has been going through a number of updates, the most recent includes the following changes: … [more]


Transparent OLED Controller Solutions

8 March 2016

Attracting many references to movies and science fiction, transparent OLED displays are here and being used in retail and trade shows. They are certainly eye catching as the contrast and transparency exceeds anything that has … [more]

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SVX-3840 Ultra-HD 4K LCD Controller Webpage Updated

10 March 2015

The webpage for the Digital View SVX-3840 LCD controller for 4K Ultra-HD LCD panels has been updated to include the manual and 2D and 3D drawings as downloads. See here for details. The SVX-3840 is … [more]

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High Bright LCD Panel – 7″

19 February 2015

We are seeing an increase in high bright panel activity recently, these range from 7″ like the one pictured below which is available in 1,800nit and 2,500nit versions to 55″ and larger. LCD panels of … [more]

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4K LCD Panels Supported by SVX-3840

11 December 2014

Dec 11, 2014: The current list of 4K LCD panels supported by the SVX-3840 LCD Controller are as follows: Innolux M280DGJ-L30 (60Hz) – 28″ LG LD840EQD-SEM1 (120Hz) – 84″ AUO P750QVN01 v0 (120Hz) – 75″ … [more]

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IP-60v2 Coming In January 2015

21 November 2014

The IP-60v2 provides a network interface for Digital View LCD controller boards and is the latest version following the earlier IP-60 and IP-50 models. As a quick overview of features: An interface board to communicate a serial, … [more]

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Counterfeit LCD Panels

14 September 2014

We recently encountered the situation of counterfeit LCD panels. Of unknown manufacturing origin these panels were styled and labeled to copy a well known manufacturer. I am told that there was nothing to indicate these were … [more]

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Daniel Sierra video on Digital View displays

8 May 2014

Here is a brief video showing ‘Oscillate’ by Daniel Sierra on a number of different Digital View displays in our Morgan Hill, California showroom. Looks great… Part of Digital View’s Artist of the Month Exhibition. … [more]

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Autobrite – auto brightness adjustment: NEW

25 April 2014

Today we have been testing a very new version of our Autobrite auto brightness adjustment electronics. This will be the third major revision to this product and introduces a number of advances over the current … [more]

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RS-232 Command Set for SVX Family

5 April 2014

The full RS-232 command set for the SVX family of controllers (SVX-1920, SVX-1920-SDI, SGX-1920, SGX-1920L) has now been posted to the Digital View website for download, see www.digitalview.com/software-services. At this stage it is an initial … [more]

Digital View Controller Utility

Controller Utility Software – Download

29 March 2014

As the first of a number of software utilities for use with Digital View LCD controllers and displays using them the Controller Utility for the SVX / SGX controller family has been posted to the … [more]

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