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Tintup – Instagram – Square Display

26 September 2013

Recently we have been testing the social media feed system with our square displays to show Instagram photos. The system work really well and is a great way to create a feed for images … [more]

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IR-LED Board

12 September 2013

The IR-LED board (p/n 416302000-3) is one of those small accessories that sometimes gets overlooked but plays a valuable role. Designed to be integrated on the inside of an enclosure with suitable access holes. The … [more]

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Digital Signage

The Cube

11 September 2013

The cube is a 3D arrangement of 23″ LCD panels around a rigid aluminum chassis – each panel uses a low latency Digital View LCD controller. That is the technical explanation. From a visual perspective … [more]

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LCD Controllers

Fiber connection for video displays

9 September 2013

While people struggle with signal quality over extended cable lengths and talk in terms of meters (or yards) fiber makes video cabling over a kilometer easy and reliable. ¬†Digital View offers the SVX-1920-SDI interface controller … [more]

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Showroom – Digital View USA

7 September 2013

Flat panel displays such as LCD (or LED as they are incorrectly called in consumer products) are exciting, they have enabled a revolution after revolution in all manner of devices, but they are also exciting … [more]