HSP-4096 – 4K Solution for Harsh Environments

31 March 2018

The HSP-4096 is a modified version of the SP-4096 to suit harsher environments, and includes an acrylic resin conformal coating to provide increased resistance to moisture, dust and fungus. The HSP-4096 is suitable for video … [more]

station signs

Support For New AUO Stretch Panels

28 March 2018

AUO has announced two new stretch panels (or banner panels if you prefer), a 37″ and 42″ both with a brightness rating of 1,500nit so suitable for high-bright environments. AUO 37″ model P370IVN03 has a … [more]

LCD Controllers

Digital View LCD Controller Support For Kyocera T-55787GD104J-LW-AHN

27 March 2018

Digital View has published a connection diagram for the ALR-1400v2 LCD controller detailing connection for this panel Selected as an example, this is one of many connection guidelines we provide every day. The Kyocera 10.4″  … [more]


Digital View Software

24 March 2018

We have recently updated our software page on the website listing the various utilities we provide to support controller functions: Here is the software summary as noted in early November 2017: These are available for … [more]

Digital View Port renaming
LCD Controllers

Port Renaming – Video Inputs

22 March 2018

Want a custom name in the display Menu for a video input? The Digital View LCD controllers listed below support renaming of the video input ports using the Controller Utility and TCP/IP Serial Utility applications … [more]

Digital View HE-1400v2 LCD controller

HE-1400v2: The ‘Go-To’ Panel Controller for Harsh Environments

16 March 2018

The Digital View HE-1400v2 LCD controller for harsh environments, like its counterpart for general industrial environments (the ALR-1400v2), is an LCD controller that has proven to be a ‘go-to’ panel controller for LCD panels of … [more]

digital view hsp-1920 lcd controller

The HSP-1920 for Harsh Environments

15 March 2018

The HSP-1920 is a version of the SP-1920 for harsher environments, featuring enhancements such as conformal coating and select components. Designed for video signals up to 1920×1200 and LCD panel resolutions up to 1920×1200 with LVDS connectivity. … [more]

Digital View SP-1920 lcd controller

The SP-1920 LCD Controller

9 March 2018

The SP-1920 is a latest generation LCD controller for video signals up to 1920×1200 and LCD panel resolutions up to 1920×1200 with LVDS connectivity. The SP-1920 meets the needs of many applications but is likely … [more]