Digital View LCD Controller Support For Kyocera T-55787GD104J-LW-AHN

Digital View has published a connection diagram for the ALR-1400v2 LCD controller detailing connection for this panel

Selected as an example, this is one of many connection guidelines we provide every day.
The Kyocera 10.4″  LCD panel model T-55787GD104J-LW-AHN has a resolution of 800×600, ie 4:3 aspect ratio with LVDS interface (8 bit). It is considered suitable for industrial applications and features a number of elevated specifications such as brightness 1200nit (sunlight readable), a backlight life of ≥ 70k hours, and an operating temperature range of -30 ~ 80°C.
To simplify connection of this panel we prepared a Connection Diagram for the ALR-1400v2 LCD controller showing the connection wiring and settings for this LCD panel. This Connection Diagram is available here or from the Digital View Controller Solution Generator (CSG) webpage.
The Digital View ALR-1400v2 supports LCD panels with a resolution up to 1440 x 900 with a TTL or LVDS interface. Video signal inputs include DVI and VGA (ARGB). This is the new version of the ALR-1400 model that was first released in 2006 then progressively replaced in 2017.