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In Praise of Manufacturing

29 April 2024

Manufacturing, making stuff, is fascinating, rewarding, and not least, essential; an important and creative endeavor. The following is a brief overview of the importance and place of manufacturing. Introduction In an age dominated by digital, … [more]

Digital View PiP image
LCD Controllers

Picture-in-Picture Sizes

11 August 2023

Several Digital View LCD controller board models offer Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) functions. The following is a table of sizes for the PiP sizes: SVX-4096, HX-4096, SVX-4096-120 with 3840×2160 panel SIZE HORIZONTAL VERTICAL PiP … [more]

auto display

Creative Automotive Display Design

17 July 2023

Bob Raikes has written an excellent overview in Display Daily on the creative use of displays in cars, see Engaging with creative product designers is a vital requirement and opportunity for the display industry … [more]


Methods to Redirect Display Images

12 July 2023

Enabling Innovation in Display Applications In today’s fast-paced digital age, the prominence of digital displays extends far beyond our personal devices. They are instrumental in non-consumer sectors such as medical, transport, defense, industrial, and marine … [more]


HD-3000v2 New Q1, 2023

4 March 2023

The HD-3000v2, an HD-SDI video input add-on board for use as a front-end for Digital View LCD controller boards, is being released this quarter, Q1, 2023, with availability scheduled for Q2, 2023. A summary of … [more]

quantum dots

What Are Quantum Dots?

15 February 2023

Maybe I should ask, what are quantum dots, and why should we care that they are in our televisions? I am assuming you have seen the numerous ads referring to quantum dots. Certainly, quantum dots … [more]


Ultra Low Latency Controller Board

7 October 2022

From HDMI signal in, to LVDS signal out: 0.00054ms. Back in 2016, I wrote a blog to provide some controller board latency test results (see The results are good, these are fast, low latency … [more]

LCD Controllers

DT-4096 New 4K Controller Board

4 July 2022

The Digital View DT-4096 (p/n: 4178200xx-3) is our new 4K resolution LCD controller board with HDMI and Displayport video input, for LCDs with eDP or V-by-One connectivity. The web page is here Specifications A … [more]


Digital Display Design

24 May 2022

Search “display design” images on the web and the results are almost exclusively non-digital. But a quick look at the news and designs like the latest EV dashboard will likely show up. The point is … [more]

Smart Cities Connect
Digital Signage

Smart Cities – Conference & Expo

4 April 2022

This week we will be at the Smart Cities Connect expo and conference in Columbus Ohio, April 4 -7. Here is the link to the website: For details of other Smart Cities Connect events … [more]

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