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Countertop Digital Polls

27 July 2010

What do your customers think about your product or service?

Was the restaurant to warm/cold/just right? Should there be more accessories available? Was the waiting time too long? Will you return?

It is not difficult to find out the answers – the VideoFlyer is an incredibly cost effective of polling customers and can combine both information gathering and promotion in a single easy to use package:

1) Using any touch screen VideoFlyer (10″ or 15″ display size) or add a button bar to a standard VideoFlyer (10″, 15″ or 21″).

2) Create appropriate videos or still images and organize using DV Studio.

3) Deploy in-store.

4) Collect data.

5) Analyze and report.

In more detail… … [more]

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Content: Progressive or Interlaced video?

24 July 2010

LCD panels are a progressive display technology and even though LCD TV’s may accept interlaced video the electronics inside the display have to convert this to progressive. Interlaced originated in the the dark ages of … [more]

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