Countertop Digital Polls

What do your customers think about your product or service?

Was the restaurant to warm/cold/just right? Should there be more accessories available? Was the waiting time too long? Are the facilities clean? Will you return?

Enable customer feedback – the VideoFlyer is an incredibly cost effective way to poll customers and can combine both information gathering and digital signage type promotion in a single easy to use package. Five straightforward steps:

1) Using any touch screen VideoFlyer (10″ or 15″ display size) or add a button bar to a standard VideoFlyer (10″, 15″ or 21″).

2) Create appropriate videos or still images and organize using DV Studio.

3) Deploy in-store.

4) Collect data.

5) Analyze and report.

Looking at each of these in more detail…

1) VideoFlyer

The 10″ unit is compact using very little counter-top space but is large enough to be both noticeable and usable as an interactive touch device for collecting customer opinions. For something with a bit more presence the 15″ is an excellent alternative.

2) Content…

A consistent structure is usually best as it allows for easier changes – indeed it is easy enough to try different question sets. So for a example questions with 3 answer options will be both quick and easy for user to respond to and will allow for standardized response analysis.

DV Studio is the Digital View application (both Mac and PC versions available for free on the website) to set both the playlist and Q&A response structure.

3) Deploy…

With the still/video files and the playlist transferred to the VideoFlyers they are now ready to be installed in the chosen locations.

4) Data…

Collecting the data is as easy as posting new content – in fact both can be done at the same time.

5) Report…

Now comes the really interesting part, seeing the results. This can be done in Microsoft Excel or for more sophisticated systems a custom reporting is relatively straightforward – Digital View even offer this as a service.

As an added bonus the raw data collected can be analyzed to show a profile of usage indicating busy and quiet periods.

For more details contact Digital View – California, London, Hongkong

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