digital view controller board with factory background

In Praise of Manufacturing

29 April 2024

Manufacturing, making stuff, is fascinating, rewarding, and not least, essential; an important and creative endeavor. The following is a brief overview of the importance and place of manufacturing. Introduction In an age dominated by digital, … [more]

Digital View PiP image
LCD Controllers

Picture-in-Picture Sizes

11 August 2023

Several Digital View LCD controller board models offer Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) functions. The following is a table of sizes for the PiP sizes: SVX-4096, HX-4096, SVX-4096-120 with 3840×2160 panel SIZE HORIZONTAL VERTICAL PiP … [more]


Ultra Low Latency Controller Board

7 October 2022

From HDMI signal in, to LVDS signal out: 0.00054ms. Back in 2016, I wrote a blog to provide some controller board latency test results (see The results are good, these are fast, low latency … [more]

LCD Controllers

DT-4096 New 4K Controller Board

4 July 2022

The Digital View DT-4096 (p/n: 4178200xx-3) is our new 4K resolution LCD controller board with HDMI and Displayport video input, for LCDs with eDP or V-by-One connectivity. The web page is here Specifications A … [more]


Connecting an FPC cable

16 January 2022

FPC cables (Flexible Printed Circuit) are quite common in the electronics industry and in particular for connecting certain displays, however, for first-time users it is useful to know how to connect them. Shown below: Photo … [more]

LCD Controllers

HX-2560-SDI (New)

13 November 2021

The Digital View HX-2560-SDI LCD controller board due for release in late Q4, 2021 or early Q1, 2022 is compact, supports video & LCD panels up to 2560×1600. The video connectors are headers for HDMI, … [more]

LCD Controllers

SVX-1920-PRO (New)

5 August 2021

The Digital View SVX-1920-PRO is a new model LCD controller board designed with many of the characteristics of the SVX-1920v3 and SVH-1920v2 models. Measuring 179.1 x 120.4mm it is the same size as the SVX-1920v3 … [more]

Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Display Technology

7 April 2021

When it comes to outdoor digital displays there are currently three main contenders: LED, LCD, ePaper. The following is a brief comparison table of the main characteristics of each. Each technology has its advantages depending … [more]

alr-1920 alt-1920 power circuit comparison
LCD Controllers

Power Circuitry

15 July 2020

Here is a quick example of the changes in the power circuitry on a Digital View LCD controller board. The image below shows the ALR-1920 and its successor model, the ALT-1920. These boards are functionally … [more]

LCD Controllers

Display Week & New Products

23 June 2020

This year SID’s DisplayWeek is a virtual event. The Digital View booth is listed under our name so very easy to find. Listed below are our new products. We are standing by for “booth discussions” … [more]

LCD Controllers


16 June 2020

Updated Jan 2021: One of the new Digital View LCD controller boards is the SP-1920-Dual-HDMI. This controller board uses internal headers rather than edge connectors so this is a very compact board, just 63mm x … [more]

Digital View ALT-1920 with AUO 23.6" circular LCZD panel

23.6″ Circular LCD Panel

14 June 2020

Update: Here is a new video showing the connection step by step: We have been testing the pre-production AUO 23.6″ circular panel (model P236RVN01.0), together with our ALT-1920 LCD controller board. It looks excellent, … [more]

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