23.6″ Circular LCD Panel

Update: Here is a new video showing the connection step by step:


We have been testing the pre-production AUO 23.6″ circular panel, together with our ALT-1920 LCD controller board. It looks excellent, there is a video below.

AUO circular LCD panel 23.6"

We were excited to see this panel, being a large and genuinely circular panel it is unique. Measuring 23.6″ in diameter, it has a resolution of 848×848 pixels and a good brightness level.

AUO 23.6" top
AUO 23.6" back

Lets us know if you have creative ideas for using this LCD panel and we would be happy to help put together a suitable solution.

AUO 23.6″ Circular LCD panel with Digital View ALT-1920 (this video opens in YouTube)

The more complete step by step setup video:

Here are all recent Digital View videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasPUhdguPyZDKdnhBRrxXg/videos