Updated Jan 2021: One of the new Digital View LCD controller boards is the SP-1920-Dual-HDMI. This controller board uses internal headers rather than edge connectors so this is a very compact board, just 63mm x 91.4mm, ie the same size as the DT-1920 models. Based on the SP-1920 architecture it provides an excellent selection of features, including:

  • 2 x HDMI input headers.
  • LVDS panel interface supporting up to 1920×1200, true 10 bit.
  • Supports interlaced video and low frame rates.
  • Multi-panel support with auto-EDID.
  • 2 pin light sensor, onboard temperature sensor.
  • Video failover function with built-in media player.
  • Firmware upgrade through USB header.
  • Dual backlight control, ie support for two backlight rails, and 8/10 bit PWM options. These enable NVIS compatible options.
sp-1920-dual-hdmi drawing

This model was launched in Q4, 2020 and we expect general availability of samples in late Q1, 2021.