Display Week & New Products

This year SID’s DisplayWeek is a virtual event. The Digital View booth is listed under our name so very easy to find.

Listed below are our new products. We are standing by for “booth discussions” during the DisplayWeek event so please get in contact using the links on our virtual booth in the DisplayWeek event, or the chat on our website or by phone:

Call us: +1-408-782 7773

New Products…

  • HX-2560-SDI LCD Controller Board: All the power and functionality of the existing SVX-2560 with added 3G-SDI input in a controller board that measures only 127mm x 114mm. Video input connectors are a locking header type with BNC edge connectors for the SDI. This model is a feature-rich controller board with high-resolution video, PiP, interlaced video support, and NVIS support option. Samples Q3, 2020.
  • SP-1920-Dual-HDMI LCD Controller Board: A compact controller board packing significant functionality into a board the size of the DT-1920 models. Video input is via headers; it supports 10-bit color, interlaced video, video failover, NVIS support option, sensors, and more. Pre-release details are available in this blog (SP-1920-HDMI): samples Q3, 2020.
  • DT-1920-VGA and DT-1920-DP LCD Controller Boards: Rounding out the new DT family of compact controller boards together with the previously released DT-1920-HDMI and DT-1920-HDMI-EDPT (EDP panel connection). All these models are now “released.”
  • AVD-2000 Add-On Interface: A four input composite add-on board that deinterlaces and provides fast syncing and fast input port switching. See AVD-2000.
  • Membrane Buttons, Accessories: As announced in a blog post in May, we have new six-button membrane OSD buttons, standard versions, and an enhanced IP-65 version with backlighting (dimmable).
  • NVIS compatibility, Functionality: As an option for select new controller models. We will be writing up more about this shortly.
  • Videos, Support: We have released several videos introducing products, and as a guide to features, they are all accessible through various blogs (a summary list here) and links or this Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasPUhdguPyZDKdnhBRrxXg/videos

Special Items

  • Eink Interface Board, ET-1000: Designed for the 32″ and 42″ Eink panels, this is an essential enabler for projects using these amazing Eink panels. We are also preparing Raspberry Pi content management compatibility and a content management software application for transferring images remotely.
  • Circular Panel, Novel Panel: We recently demonstrated the ALT-1920 driving the first large circular LCD panel that we have seen planned for production. It measures 23.6″ diameter with a resolution of 848×848; AUO manufactures it. See the blog write-up here.
  • Anti-Microbial Touch: This was really something we wanted to talk about and demonstrate in person. It is an “always-on” technology with no lifetime limits as found with silver-based solutions.
  • Aluminum thermal structures: Another technology we found that we saw as having relevance to monitor developers looking for alternative ways to transfer or dissipate heat in a display system.

Usually, we would have the opportunity to discuss the new and our existing products in person at Displayweek; we are, however, readily available by phone, email, etc. and welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the above. In addition, we will be participating in the virtual event, and registration is now open: