PWM – Backlight Brightness Control

Most of the Digital View controller boards support 8 bit PWM for backlight brightness control, which enables up to 256 steps to brightness adjustment. However, some of our more recent models support up to 12 bit PWM providing up to 4096 steps for brightness adjustment.

In addition to 12 bit PWM, some of our controller board models also provide a hi/lo pin for an additional backlight rail.

Here is a brief summary:

HX-2560-SDI12 bitYes
SVX / HX-1920-PRO12 bitYes
SP-1920v28 bit default, 12 bit optionYes
SP-1920-DUAL-HDMI8 bit default, 12 bit optionYes

All other Digital View controller board models support 8 bit PWM for backlight brightness control.

APPNOTE ALT-1920, HLT-1920, DT-1920

Linked here as an example of setting up PWM control is a brief application note for the setting of PWM backlight brightness on the ALT-1920, HLT-1920, DT-1920 model controller boards. Document:

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