Video: Light & Temperature Sensor Setup Guide

The very compact and highly reliable DT-1920-HDMI LCD controller provides HDMI input for LCD panels with LVDS interface up to 1920×1200 resolution. Included in its feature set is support for a 2 wire light sensor that can be used to adjust the LCD panel backlight, as well as an onboard temperature sensor.

Here is a brief instructional video showing how to configure an external light sensor and the on-board temperature sensor on the Digital View LCD controller board model DT-1920-HDMI using the free Digital View TCP/IP Serial Utility software.

dt-1920-hdmi sensors video

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Two new DT-1920 series controller boards to be released late Q2, 2020, the DT-1920-DP with DisplayPort input, and the DT-1920-VGA with VGA input, provide the same sensor functionality and software support.

The Serial Utility is a Windows based application that provides comprehensive access to the wide range of functions available on the various Digital View LCD controller boards. Users can configure and save custom settings as well as poll values.