Software Utilities

Software utilities to support working with Digital View LCD controllers. These are provided on 'as is' basis and intended primarily as examples. Please contact us for any specific or custom requirements.

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Controller Utility

digital view controller utility

This application can be used to control LCD controller functions via RS-232 using a GUI interface. There is an extensive feature set and this is an excellent way to experiment controller functions. Custom version are available.

» A wholly graphical UI, users do not need to be familiar with commands, just click the button or icon to execute the OSD function.
» Target for the normal user who do not know the DV commands.
» The software only supports RS-232 communication.
» Only executes a single function at a time.

» Controller Utility v1.30 (16 Nov 2018)
» Controller Utility Release Notes (16 Nov 2018)

TCP/IP Serial Utility
(previously called "Controller Tester")

Digital View TCP Utility

Intended for users that are comfortable using commands the TCP/IP Seria Utility provides a user interface for sending Digital View controller commands. This also includes functions for adjusting and setting the panel timing for certain controllers.

» This is a line command UI. To use it the user needs to be familiar with entering commands in order to execute the OSD function.
» The software supports both Network or RS-232 communication.
» Able to save and executive a batch (sequence) of commands.

» TCP-IP Serial Utility v1.03 (Nov 2018)

IP Locator

Digital View IP locator

» Enables a user to detect LCD controllers / monitors on the network.

» IP Locator v1.02

Video Wall Utility

Digital View video wall utility

» Utility program to configure and setup a video wall when using SVX-4096-VW.

» Contact us for details

Panel Calibrator

digital view panel calibrator

» Utility program to color match video wall monitors. This requires the Spyder 5 colorimeter.

» Contact us for details

Text Overlay

Digital View text overlay

» Utility program to send text over serial for LCD controller supported text overlay functions.

» Text Overlay v1.09

Demo for touch screen

demo touch software

» A basic demo to adjust brightness and switch to standby with a touch screen. (Note: The standby function has a bug, this message will be removed when it is fixed)

» Brightness, Volume & standby for touch

Sample Source Code


» Sample utilties to control backlight brightness with source code.

» Brightness control - RS-232
» Brightness control - Ethernet

Firmware Programming Utilities


Software utilities to support upgrading LCD controller firmware. Depending on the LCD controller model firmware upgrades can be done via USB, HDMI, Displayport, RS-232. Some models require and interface board.

Contact Digital View for details

Bluetooth Remote App

Digital View bluetooth app

» Utility program to control dislay functions via Bluetooth, see here.