Ultra Low Latency Controller Board

From HDMI signal in, to LVDS signal out: 0.00054ms.

Back in 2016, I wrote a blog to provide some controller board latency test results (see https://www.digitalview.com/blog/latency-time-display/). The results are good, these are fast, low latency controller boards, but now we have a new model that is ultra fast…

The Digital View LLC-1920 is an HDMI in, LVDS out controller board for signal and panel resolutions up to 1920×1200. The latency of this board compared to a few other models is shown here:

  • LLC-1920: 0.00054ms
  • ALR-1920: 0.0186ms
  • SVX-1920v3: 19.6ms

Measurement Method

The above measurements use an oscilloscope to measure the time from the HDMI signal input to the LVDS signal output, purely for the controller board, ie no panel.

llc-1920 latency

Our normal method for measuring and stating the latency is to use a meter from Leo Bodnar, that sends a video signal to the controller board and then measures how long it takes to show on the LCD panel. So it will always give a longer latency figure than the oscilloscope method, the panel adds latency.

leo bodnar panel latency

LLC-1920 Introduction

We haven’t formally launched this model so it is not listed on our website; the following is just a preview based on a few sample boards we made for testing and review.

  • Input signal: HDMI
  • Output signal to panel: LVDS
  • Resolution up to 1920×1200
  • Single panel support, input to out resolution matched
  • Scaling: No
  • OSD: No
  • Backlight control: Yes
  • Power input: 12V

If you have a project that needs this level of extremely low latency let us know.

Panels Tested

Here is a list of some panels tested with the LLC-1920:

1024×768AUO M150XN07_V2OK
1280×800AUO B101EW05 V0OK
1280×1024Hannstar HSD170ME13-A06OK
1366X768AUO G156XW01OK
1440X900Hannstar HSD190MGW1-A00OK
1600×1200NEC NL160120AC27-32BOK
1920×1080Samsung LTM230HT10OK
1920×1200Samsung LTM220CS01OK


For more information about the LLC-1920 and low latency panel interfacing please contact using the form on this page or give us a call directly. Our website contact details are at https://www.digitalview.com/contact.html