The Durable ALR-1400v2 LCD Controller

The Digital View ALR-1400v2 has proven to be a great ‘go-to’ LCD panel controller for LCD panels of 640 x 480 and up to 1400 x 900, for a wide range of industrial and similar-type display applications. The ALR-1400v2 is an updated replacement for the original ALR-1400 that was first launched in 2006 and supplied for over 10 years. The ALR-1400v2 has the same functions,  board size, mounting holes, input connectors for VGA (ARGB) and DVI-D.

A real workhorse, this popular LCD controller has proven itself in many projects using LCD panels from companies such as Tianma NLT, Kyocera, Sharp, BOE, Mitsubishi, Chi Mei and Innolux. Of particular note for some monitor manufacturers is the support for both TTL and LVDS, which provides support for LCD panels with the TTL-type interface and enables a transition to LVDS as necessary.

Compact Multi-Purpose LCD Controller:

  •  LCD support: Up to 1440 x 900 panel resolution
  •  Panel connectivity: TTL & LVDS
  •  Inputs: DVI-D & ARGB (VGA)
  •  Custom splash screen option
  •  Auto EDID setting; it will match the LCD panel resolution setting;
  •  Firmware update over DVI
  •  RS-232 interface supporting Digital View’s command set (see manual for details).


For full specifications, see ALR-1400v2

We also offer a version for harsh environments called the HE-1400v2.