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Screens & Color

28 November 2013

A quick note, content is generally created to the following color standards so the closer a display comes to being able to match these standards the more accurate the display result: Color temperature: 6500K Gamma: … [more]

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24 September 2013

Photo of the Day: Digital View logo sign being used at the Northern California Facilities Expo in San Jose 25 & 26 September 2013.

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IR-LED Board

12 September 2013

The IR-LED board (p/n 416302000-3) is one of those small accessories that sometimes gets overlooked but plays a valuable role. Designed to be integrated on the inside of an enclosure with suitable access holes. The … [more]

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Digital Signage

The Cube

11 September 2013

The cube is a 3D arrangement of 23″ LCD panels around a rigid aluminum chassis – each panel uses a low latency Digital View LCD controller. That is the technical explanation. From a visual perspective … [more]

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