Video Signal Latency

In talking with one of our business partners this morning I was reminded of the issue of video signal latency and our solutions for the problem. Video latency is where there is a delay between the source of a video or image and the image on the display. Some of the ways this issue can be seen as a problem include:

  • Lip sync, in this case you hear the audio before the person appears to say the words. This can affect video-conferencing systems as well as other digital media transmission systems.
  • ‘Cursor delay’, you move the cursor or click a button and the image lags behind the action. This is likely to be an issue when the system is operating over a digital distribution system.

The solution: Amongst our extensive range of LCD controllers (the electronics that puts the image on a flat panel display in a monitor) we have various models that are low latency, of these the most popular is currently the ALR-1920 that offers HDMI and DisplayPort digital inputs.


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