Selling Digital Art

We have had an interest in digital art for some time but recently taken this a step further with the setup of our showroom in Morgan Hill, California, showcasing both video art and digital display systems for presenting it (here is a video…). Over the next couple of months we will also be sponsoring exhibits in various venues in the Bay Area.

The question is how are people going to monetize digital art. It is a question that has been considered in a couple of publications recently, name Wired (…) and The Verge (…).

So what is the best way for an artist to sell digital art, or for a customer to buy it:

  • With a display?
  • On a USB drive?
  • As an algorithm?
  • As a hosted web domain?
  • With a media-player?

Probably all of the above and no doubt people will think of many more business models. Certainly in the past we have sold displays to digital video artists who have then sold the entire system, we have also created a custom media-player locking solution so a video file will only play on the matched media-player which can be used with any display.

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