Video Wall LCD Controller Boards

Video wall monitors typically use LCD panels specifically designed for video walls, the main characteristic being very narrow bezels, currently as thin as 0.44mm. Having said that if the bezel width is not an issue then any LCD panel can be used for a video wall monitor. There are specific video wall functions such as daisy-chain & scaling and calibration together with any application-specific requirements for input signals and color settings.

Digital View LCD controller boards for video wall monitors include:

  • SVX-4096-VW: Daisy-chain of the video and control functions from a single input to all monitors in the video wall. This can support up to 4K input and provides options for color and brightness calibration.
  • SP-1920: For direct connection from a video wall controller to the video wall monitor.
  • HD-BaseT: This is more of a custom add-on and enables up to 100 meters remote connection over Cat6.

Video wall specific LCD panels on the market are 1920×1080 resolution so a 2×2 video wall will have 4K (3840×2160) resolution. However, to show 4K across a 2×2 video wall requires that either the signal source is matched to the panel or the monitor is able to accept 4K and scale appropriately (the SVX-4096-VW and SVX-2560 can do this).

Here is an exploded view of a video wall monitor design available from Digital View. The basic parts include the LCD panel, the LCD controller board, cables, the enclosure, power supply and handling & mounting parts:

LCD based video walls can be almost any size with various ways to connect input sources to maximize resolution and functionality while keeping costs down. For example a single 4K input can be daisy-chained to all video wall monitors or groups of video wall monitors can be connected to multiple video sources such as:

  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • Displayport
  • HD-SDI
  • HD-BaseT

The main video wall LCD panel manufacturers available outside Asia include AUO and LG Display and BOE with panel sizes of 46″, 49″, 50″, 55″ and recently announced 65″. Other characteristics such as brightness (500~800nit) and surface finish (2% to 44% haze) are also a consideration. Contact a regional Digital View office for details as to how we can help you build your own video wall monitor.

Brochure download here.