Membrane OSD Buttons

Digital View currently offers two OSD membrane-type buttons for use with its LCD controller boards with more models coming, see below:

  • 8 button, horizontal, p/n: 356301122-3 (pictured below)
  • 8 button, vertical, p/n: 356301121-3

Then there are a few more membrane OSD button models in development:

  • 6 button, horizontal, p/n: 356301300-3
  • 6 button, vertical, p/n: 356301310-3
  • 6 button, IP-65, dimmable backlit with status indicator lights

The six buttons will have the functions of: Power, Menu, Select Up/Down, Adjust Up/Down.

The current 8 button membrane OSD button models can be connected in two ways depending on the LCD controller board model being used:

  • With SVX-4096, SP-4096, SP-1920, ALT-1920, DT models, ALR-1400v2, using cable 426123500-3 for both PWM and analog backlight adjustment. This uses the OSD system hotkey function to enable the power and brightness adjustment on the dedicated power & brightness buttons.
  • With SVX-2560, SVX-1920v3, SHV-1920v2 use with the membrane interface board (p/n: 416100120-3 with cable 426122200-3), this supports analog backlight adjustment of all LCD controller board models.

The typical operating life of these membrane buttons is 1 million presses per button, they are low cost, reliable, and easy to install and keep clean in operation.