High TNI LCD Panels

A high TNI panel is designed to prevent blackening when the display operates under elevated temperature conditions such as outdoors where there is both high ambient temperatures and inevitably a high bright backlight. A typical operating temperature rating for a high TNI panel is over 80°C and some are up to 110°C, this compares to the maximum operating temperature of 50°C for a normal panel.

A number of manufacturers now offer LCD panels with high TNI liquid crystal. This together with improvements in temperature tolerance of the various filters has made the production of outdoor displays considerably easier.

Likely markets and uses for high TNI LCD panels includes:

  • Outdoor digital signage;
  • Marine;
  • Automotive;
  • Military.

Other Factors

If designing in a high TNI LCD panel, consideration should also be given to the other components in the display system to ensure they are also up to the harsh conditions the display is being specified for. For example Digital View’s harsh environment LCD controller boards are designed and tested for operation in elevated temperatures.

High TNI lcd panel
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