LCD Monitor: Custom Gamma Correction Curve Lookup Tables

Create your own gamma correction curve lookup tables together with custom on-screen menu entries to select them.

Being able to calibrate a display system is essential for some applications such as viewing medical images on a DICOM compliant monitor. On the SVX-4096 you can provide us with the look-up table data and we will create a custom labeled on-screen menu entry or RS-232 command to call up those settings.

Another use of the gamma correction curve is to adjust for HDR images, to ensure proper display of these.

DICOM note: DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard covering the distribution and viewing of medical images. The SVX-4096 DICOM support takes the form of calibration using a color analyzer to build a gamma curve LUT (Lookup Table) for a specified LCD panel and then code this into the firmware of the SVX-4096.

The DICOM LUT is then available as a setting within the OSD commands of the controller. The important point is that this is LCD panel model specific though the good news is that many LCD panels these days meet the criteria for calibration.


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