Product Update – 1 Oct 2018

Very much of our work is customer or project specific but here are a few general updates…

Intel SDM Compatible LCD Controllers

Compatible with Intel’s SDM Large & Small computer PC card format earlier this year we announced two models as noted below. We recently participated in Intel’s plugfest together with a many SDM compute card manufacturers which verified system compatibility. As a revisit, here are our SDM controller models and their availability status:

  • SVX-4096-SDM: A large controller for larger panels supporting 4K panels and both Large and Small SDM compute cards. It also includes connection for sensors and other peripherals. Samples available now.
  • SDM-1920-LVDS: A more compact model supporting 1920×1200 resolution LCD panels and SDM Small compute PC cards. Sensor support available as a build option. Samples due in Q4, 2018.

New LCD Controller Supporting eDP

A very compact model, the DD-1920-HDMI-EDPT supports eDP interface LCD panels up to 1920×1200. It provides micro HDMI input with a build option for standard HDMI. We are preparing some test connection diagrams with Tianma and AUO LCD panels. Samples due in Q4, 2018.

Highlighting the Media Player in the SP-1920

The SP-1920 has a very capable built-in media player that is, for example, extremely suitable for “power on and play” looping POP video displays. Video is H.264 MP4 at 10~20Mbps playing from a USB memory stick. If there is a single track the video will loop without interruption (gapless) or user action providing complete ease of use. Customization for additional functionality is also available.

Coming Up

New controllers for specific markets, enhancements to firmware to extend functionality and niche market suitability. If you have a market specific requirement let us know.