Circular LCD Panel – 23.6″

(updated post) In early 2020 Digital View provided a connection solution using the Digital View ALT-1920 LCD controller board to drive a true circular panel from AUO. Measuring 23.6″ in diameter this novel LCD panel will doubtless find application in various types of digital signage. I can think of a few well-known company logos that would fit well and should unleash some creative content design.

Here is a quick snapshot of the panel. Also, a Connection Diagram for this panel is available for download here (PDF).

ALT-1920 controller with circular LCD panel

For part numbers see the connection diagram download linked above.

LCD Controller Board ALT-1920: Designed for general professional display applications such as digital signage it enables HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA video input. The setup to match this panel will provide the suitable EDID information back to a graphics card to format the image on the panel.

The ALT-1920 features a very low latency and, like all Digital View LCD controller boards, it is high reliability. Full details are available on the webpage.

We have now released a Connection Diagram for this, the link is here:


While some users may look to this panel as an innovative shape for digital signage, easpecially companies with a round logo, another fairly obvious application is a touch table.

For example as shown in this concept sketch:

digital view circular touch table

If you have interest in using this panel in a project and would like to discuss connection please contact us using the form on this page.