CES 2020

CES is a consumer electronics show so the products being presented are not necessarily relevant for commercial applications but I thought it interesting to consider the availability of what was exhibited in terms of displays:

  • 8K: 8K resolution LCD TVs have been at trade shows for a while now and models are available in shops. Both LG and BOE list panel models with 7680×4320 resolution.
  • High color gamut LCD panels: These are available both as standard models and custom made, either with quantum dot or enhanced backlights.
  • Transparent OLED: Yes, transparent OLEDs are available again (LG).
  • Roll-up OLED: I don’t have a part number and I am not aware of large size very flexible OLED panels being commercially available, but if or when they are it will probably be from LG.

In addition, there were small very flexible OLEDs on show (the “tree” below is made up of them with fans blowing the OLED to demonstrate how flexible they are) and of course LED resolution keeps improving.

OLED tree

It seems that many of the display technologies anticipated in science fiction movies are available even if only for demonstration in a trade show. Projected holograms are probably the most notable omission.

The best place to see the display technology that is available for the commercial market is SID’s Display Week, this year it is being held in the San Francisco Moscone Center, June 9-11, 2020.


Other than displays CES has something for everyone with many categories of product benefiting from new technologies. Drones, robotics, car technologies, 3D printing, all sorts of wearables and personal tech, endless “connected” devices, many examples of AI adding value to products. I am sure AR & VR was there in abundance but it didn’t seem as obvious as in previous years. Unfortunately I only managed to visit the main LVCC halls but what I did see was impressive.