Methods to Redirect Display Images

12 July 2023

Enabling Innovation in Display Applications In today’s fast-paced digital age, the prominence of digital displays extends far beyond our personal devices. They are instrumental in non-consumer sectors such as medical, transport, defense, industrial, and marine … [more]


Digital Display Design

24 May 2022

Search “display design” images on the web and the results are almost exclusively non-digital. But a quick look at the news and designs like the latest EV dashboard will likely show up. The point is … [more]

E Ink

Demo 13.3″ E Ink Display

30 January 2022

For developers wanting to see an E Ink display we made a 13.3″ demo display, it is also a usable and functional display for other purposes. The brochure provides the details, in summary: 13.3″ monochrome … [more]


Connecting an FPC cable

16 January 2022

FPC cables (Flexible Printed Circuit) are quite common in the electronics industry and in particular for connecting certain displays, however, for first-time users it is useful to know how to connect them. Shown below: Photo … [more]

Digital Signage

Ultra-Low Power Public Signboard

10 August 2021

We recently installed an ultra-low-power 84″ equivalent epaper sunlight-readable digital signboard for a city council in Silicon Valley, California. When I say ultra-low-power it is not hyperbole, the display itself uses zero power to display, … [more]


Reflective Digital Displays

4 April 2021

Our daily experience is typically with displays that emit light, our phones, televisions, monitors, tablets and watches all use technologies such as LCD (with LED backlights) or OLED or direct view LED. However reflective displays … [more]

ICDM measurement standards cover

Display Metrics

14 December 2020

The Society for Information Display, SID, is an important organization for the display industry and anyone involved in displays or display-related products. Within the organization is the Definitions and Standards Committee that includes the International … [more]

led display

LED Terminology

20 November 2020

Ever since a well-known TV manufacturer started marketing LCD TVs with LED backlights as LED TV’s there has been confusion over LED terminology. The following is only a guide as no one seems to stick … [more]

bolt robot and digital view controllers

Robot Videographer

16 July 2020

London.film, a video production studio in London, England, with some very cool equipment, is filming Digital View LCD controller boards and accessories. Shown here is Bolt, a robotic arm capable of smooth, accurate, high-speed tracking … [more]


Interface For E-Ink Panels

12 July 2020

We have released an interface board set for large E-ink monochrome displays, 32″ and 42″. These large displays are lightweight, very low power, and reflective so ideal for outdoor-type applications, especially where solar power is … [more]

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