DisplayWeek ’22, Display Metrology Course

This year at DisplayWeek 2022 (San Jose, May 8-13 for the conference, 10-12 for the exhibition) one of the courses being run is based on the excellent SID display measurements standard which is available as a free download from the SID website:


The Metrology Course is a full one day course from 9:00am to 7:00pm, you can see the program here:


You can register here:


And the pricing is here:


DisplayWeek metrology course

Free Exhibition registration using code: hwxmDfYr

You can also see Digital View’s landing page for DisplayWeek 2022, we are exhibiting, booth 432:


As a note, several of the Digital View team will be attending the metrology course, as I mentioned it looks very useful for anyone involved in designing products using digital displays.