Smart Cities – Conference & Expo

This week we will be at the Smart Cities Connect expo and conference in Columbus Ohio, April 4 -7. Here is the link to the website:

For details of other Smart Cities Connect events see:

We will be looking at the role of display technology in smart cities initiatives, for example for dashboards, transport signage, and public signboards. Related to this is the use of E Ink (booth 601) epaper display technology as the specifications are compelling for these applications:

  • Ultra low power
  • Non-emissive display technology
  • Sunlight readable
  • Dark sky compliant

Digital View driver boards support all models of the E Ink panels from 13.3″ and larger. In addition, we are assembling a portfolio of solutions to support the use of E Ink displays, this includes media play solutions, bonded cover glasses, and enclosures. As an example Digital View pioneered a large 84″ E Ink based public signboard with an installation in Brisbane, California:

This display is made of three 42″ displays tiled and optically bonded to a single coverglass. The content is remotely updated over a cellular modem.

Easily visible at night using low power LED lighting

Digital View’s web pages for E Ink technology can be seen here: