NEW – Video Input Port Renaming on SVX-4096

A new feature we have enabled on the SVX-4096 LCD controller board is the ability to rename the video input ports as they are shown on the On Screen Menu. This enables monitor and display system developers to use their own names for a video input as users will see it on the menu. So for example, instead of a generic name like HDMI the input port might be renamed as Camera1 or whatever source is relevant.

The capability is introduced with SVX-4096 firmware version E1.07.00.22, this is an evaluation version pending formal release. Links to the app-note and the software for firmware upgrade are shown below.

Support Information

Support details related to this functionality can be found on the SVX-4096 product webpage – click here for the SVX-4096 webpage:

  • SVX-4096 part number 4175500xx-3, with firmware version E1.07.00.22 or later
  • Video-Input Port Renaming app note
  • TCP/IP Serial Utility program version 1.11, this is a free Windows application by Digital View. This is the application supporting this function. Available on the Accessories / Software webpage.

Older Versions

Older versions of the SVX-4096 may be suitable for upgrading the firmware to the version above. Also noted on the SVX-4096 web page is an app note for the firmware upgrade procedure.