Harsh Environments & LCD Controller Boards

For many years now Digital View has been making LCD controller boards for monitors and display systems that are being used in harsher environments. The primary factors for these being extended operating temperatures, conformal coatings for circuit board protection, and designs to withstand vibration.

digital view harsh environments

These harsh environment controller board models are listed in a section on the summary page here. As you will see the model names all begin with H, so we have HX, HE, HLR, HLT as model prefixes.

Here is a brochure highlighting 5 models [PDF] covering a range of harsh environment monitor requirements:

  • HX-4096: Fully featured 4K support
  • HSP-4096: General use 4K support
  • HSP-1920: Interlaced video and Full-HD support
  • HLT-1920: General use Full-HD
  • HE-1400v2: Compact board for LCD panels up to 1400×900
Digital View harsh environment controller boards

In Development

Also in development we have two new controller boards designed for harsher environments:

  • HX-2560-SDI: This feature rich compact controller board is suitable for LCD panels up to 2560 resolution and video input signals up to 4K (they will be downscaled). The board is very compact for its functionality with headers for most of the video inputs. It also provides HD-SDI/3G-SDI input and has edge connectors for these signals. Here is the pre-launch web page: https://www.digitalview.com/controllers/hx-2560-sdi-lcd-controller.html
  • HC-1920: In early-stage development, this is a compact header based board for harsher environments.