Color on Four-Color 25.3″ E Ink Panel

We have been testing the E Ink 25.3″ four-color panel and have been impressed with the vibrancy and contrast of the color on this high resolution reflective (epaper) display. Here is a photo of the panel with an image we created to show the four colors… as you can see the colors look excellent:

epaper 25.3" four color

In Q1 of 2022 we will be releasing a driver board for this panel, the model reference is EPM-10028L.

Full Color Images

If you are wondering how full-color images appear on a display that supports four colors, here is an example, the first image is the original full-color photo:

E Ink epaper
Original image

This was then converted to a version suitable for the four color panel, the result is impressive, this photo was taken in our workshop:

Clearly, the panel really excels with content that is designed for its four-color palette but it is good to know how well full-color images can be adapted to show on this panel.

Open-Frame Samples

If you are interested in testing this panel we are in the process of making an open-frame version, see the open-frame page on the Digital View website.


Use the contact form on the side or give us a call if you would like to know more about working with this or other E Ink panels.