Display Week 2022 Recap

How many digital displays can you see around you? Chances are high that it is at very least two, if not many more. Just 30 years ago the answer could easily have been zero if you were reading this as a print article in a magazine away from a TV or desktop computer. Digital displays are now ubiquitous, they are in car dashboards, watches, phones, laptops, bank security devices, photo frames, e-readers, TVs, calculators, public signage, and many more; the list is a long one.

SID’s Display Week is an annual USA based event for the display industry, this was its 60th anniversary and stands as representative of the incredible progress of this industry. It was the first in-person Display Week since 2019 and by all accounts that I have heard, it was a successful return to “normal”.

One of the fascinating history walls SID presented covering LCD, AMLCD, Plasma, OLED & EL, , LED, Projection, and Quantum Dots

Micro-LED, Mini-LED backlit LCD, Quantum dot enhanced displays, foldable displays, transparent displays, gaming displays, displays for automotive dashboards, 3D, films, and interactivity enabling technologies were all in evidence. There was also a good showing in the iZone, a dedicated area for the latest digital display related inventions and innovations.

In terms of trends, for many years we have seen improvements in brightness, contrast, and resolution. Now it is foldable displays, display shapes, and utility in terms of where displays. Quantum dots are leading to many innovations, both in terms of color gamut as well as how displays are constructed. Car dashboards are an example. I saw one display enhancement that limits stray light and reflection from displays. HMI (Human-Machine Interface) has always been a relevant issue though now with the growth of display in cars touch screens and haptics is a topic.

The USA market needs to grow its technology supply chain, if for no other reason than to encourage innovation and new product development. It is events like SID’s Display Week that can play an important and significant role in showcasing the digital display industry. The exhibition is matched with a conference that actually runs for a few extra days, many but not all of the topics are technical, there is also a business section and others. The conference can be attended virtually but for the exhibition, there is no way to replace actually attending – it is about displays, they need to be seen in person.

SID Press Release Post Show

SID have issued a press release as a follow-up to Display Week noting that they had over 7,500 attendees with over 5,000 in-person. You can see the full press release here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/display-week-2022–worlds-leading-event-for-electronic-display-innovation-draws-7-500-301548220.html

Digital View

Digital View has exhibited 21 times since 1998 showcasing its newest models of LCD controller boards and accessories as well as discussing with both customers and suppliers the implementation of digital displays. For many years our focus was on LCD but we have now extended our support to also include OLED and E Ink’s epaper displays. We concentrate on enabling digital displays supporting all panel brands so inevitably our discussions are often about the broader aspects of display integration and usage. It was very good to be back at an “in-person” Display Week.

Digital View exhibited together with Edge Electronics, showcasing display system solutions with Tianma, JDI, JOLED and E Ink displays

Over the next few weeks I will write about some of the innovations presented and trends for the industry.