Display Industry Milestone Charts – SID

One of the features at SID’s Display Week 2022 was a collection of large posters documenting the milestones of various important display technologies, part of commemorating SID’s 60th anniversary. SID has very generously made these History Charts available, there are seven of them which I have listed here (in no particular order):

I am very appreciative of SID making these available as there is a lot to be celebrated in these milestones and the display industry has been such a vital part of so much of the product development that is around us today.

SID 60th Anniversary

SID – Society for Information Display

If you design or are involved in the development of products that use digital displays it is certainly worth knowing about SID, its chapters, events, and their Information Display publication. Here are some links:

Display Metrics

As a reminder, SID also made their display metrics available as a free download, see our blog on this: https://www.digitalview.com/blog/display-metrics/