Brightness & Backlight – Confusion?

There are a few oddities in the LCD market such as TV companies referring to LED TV’s when they are really LCD based with LED backlights – this has now resulted in LED display companies having to refer to their displays as ‘direct view LED’, ie no LCD in front.

Another odd one is brightness – the brightness control on a TV typically adjusts the black level but does nothing to the actual backlight brightness, that real brightness is adjusted using the backlight command.

Digital View controllers and OSD commands have followed the TV industry misnomer so you will find our commands have:

  • Brightness: This adjusts the black-level;
  • Backlight: This will adjust the LCD panels LED backlight brightness.

Not wanting to confuse things but on our OSD PCBAs we note ‘brightness’ to refer to the real, ie backlight, brightness.

Diode strip. Led lights tape close-up