Digital View Offers Text Overlay Utility

Digital View offers a Text Overlay utility which enables the Digital View controllers to receive text strings and display them on the screen.

Utilizing Digital View’s LCD controller serial RS-232 connection and commands, the Text Overlay function enables text to be written in up to four lines that are in fixed locations at the bottom of the screen.  The number of displayable characters per line is variable since the font is proportionately spaced, but it can nominally display approximately 40 characters per line. Text is always displayed as white characters on the background and the maximum width of the text lines is 1024 pixels, with the display area being centered on the resolution of the panel.

Some of the identified usage for the Text Overlay includes on screen labeling for:

  • Monitor identification, for example Tally in broadcast installations
  • Camera identification
  • Teleconference management
  • Alerts
  • Text Messaging

The Text Overlay utility is supported in the following Digital View controllers: