ICDM measurement standards cover

Display Metrics

14 December 2020

The Society for Information Display, SID, is an important organization for the display industry and anyone involved in displays or display-related products. Within the organization is the Definitions and Standards Committee that includes the International … [more]

led display

LED Terminology

20 November 2020

Ever since a well-known TV manufacturer started marketing LCD TVs with LED backlights as LED TV’s there has been confusion over LED terminology. The following is only a guide as no one seems to stick … [more]

bolt robot and digital view controllers

Robot Videographer

16 July 2020

London.film, a video production studio in London, England, with some very cool equipment, is filming Digital View LCD controller boards and accessories. Shown here is Bolt, a robotic arm capable of smooth, accurate, high-speed tracking … [more]

alr-1920 alt-1920 power circuit comparison
LCD Controllers

Power Circuitry

15 July 2020

Here is a quick example of the changes in the power circuitry on a Digital View LCD controller board. The image below shows the ALR-1920 and its successor model, the ALT-1920. These boards are functionally … [more]


Interface For E-Ink Panels

12 July 2020

We have released an interface board set for large E-ink monochrome displays, 32″ and 42″. These large displays are lightweight, very low power, and reflective so ideal for outdoor-type applications, especially where solar power is … [more]

LCD Controllers

Display Week & New Products

23 June 2020

This year SID’s DisplayWeek is a virtual event. The Digital View booth is listed under our name so very easy to find. Listed below are our new products. We are standing by for “booth discussions” … [more]

LCD Controllers


16 June 2020

Updated Jan 2021: One of the new Digital View LCD controller boards is the SP-1920-Dual-HDMI. This controller board uses internal headers rather than edge connectors so this is a very compact board, just 63mm x … [more]

Digital View ALT-1920 with AUO 23.6" circular LCZD panel

23.6″ Circular LCD Panel

14 June 2020

Update: Here is a new video showing the connection step by step: https://youtu.be/Y758T-fYFDg We have been testing the pre-production AUO 23.6″ circular panel (model P236RVN01.0), together with our ALT-1920 LCD controller board. It looks excellent, … [more]


Video Guides – Live Page Updates

7 June 2020

The following is the list of recent video guides to Digital View products: Connection diagrams (CSG) explained SP-4096, HSP-4096 introduction SP-1920, HSP-1920 introduction SP-1920-Dual-HDMI introduction (new model) ALT-1920, HLT-1920 Introduction Firmware upgrade: ALR-1400v2, ALT-1920, HLT-1920, … [more]

Digital View ALT-1920 with circular LCD panel

Circular LCD Panel – 23.6″

13 May 2020

(updated post) In early 2020 Digital View provided a connection solution using the Digital View ALT-1920 LCD controller board to drive a true circular panel from AUO. Measuring 23.6″ in diameter this novel LCD panel … [more]

8 button osd membrane

Membrane OSD Buttons

10 May 2020

Digital View currently offers two OSD membrane-type buttons for use with its LCD controller boards with more models coming, see below: 8 button, horizontal, p/n: 356301122-3 (pictured below) 8 button, vertical, p/n: 356301121-3 Then there … [more]

Digital View DT-1920-HDMI LCD controller board
LCD Controllers

DT-1920 Controller Series

13 March 2020

Starting with the DT-1920-HDMI-EDPT in 2019 Digital View is in the process of releasing a series of LCD controller board models under the DT-1920 range. These are the most compact single input models and some … [more]

Digital View OSD buttons 416103810-3

OSD Button Board – New

12 March 2020

The Digital View portfolio of button board options continues to grow with the addition of a slim 5 click button board incorporating an IR sensor and power LED. The button boards also have cable connectors … [more]

SP-4096-120 LCD controller board
LCD Controllers

SP-4096-120 Preview

13 February 2020

Within the next few weeks we will be announcing and listing on the website a new 4K LCD controller board designed to support 120Hz panels, the SP-4096-120. A few of the key features: 3 x … [more]

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