Interface For E-Ink Panels

We have released an interface board set for large E-ink monochrome displays, 32″ and 42″. These large displays are lightweight, very low power, and reflective so ideal for outdoor-type applications, especially where solar power is preferable.

The main board model is the ET-1000 and a comes with a partner board for connectivity to the 32″ or 42″ panels, and cables. An example complete set is shown in the image below:

ET-1000 E Ink display interface

The ET-1000 has a USB input for images to display, its function is to pass-through the images. So the media device, that can be a PC, Android PC, Raspberry Pi or Arduino, controls the transfer of the media. E-ink panels are bi-stable, so power is only used to change the image, hence solar is adequate in many installations.

Samples are now available together with a software application for updating content to the display.

Software for Updating Content

To make it easy for users to change content on the E Ink display Digital View has developed an easy to use application that will create a short playlist and transfer the images to the display. This goes together with an application for a Raspberry Pi which is used as the local media player.

This Windows based application has the following functions:

  • Set the playback interval if there are multiple images.
  • Transfer files via USB flash drive (memory stick), Network (including wi-fi), video Google Drive (requires network connection & setup)

We make this software, and the partner Raspberry Pi applications available for free, just contact us and let us know.

Projects & Applications

The characteristics of being highly readable in sunlight and using very low power, ie suitable for solar power, makes these displays highly suited to:

  • Text-based signage;
  • Transport signage;
  • Public noticeboards where bright lights and color would be a negative characteristic;
  • Locations where power is not available or expensive to provide, for example, beaches, ski fields, parks;

As we have heard, city councils want and need public signage but do not want signs with bright backlights and bright colors that distract from the surroundings.

Web page for the ET-1000: