Ultra Low Latency Controller Board

7 October 2022

From HDMI signal in, to LVDS signal out: 0.00054ms. Back in 2016, I wrote a blog to provide some controller board latency test results (see https://www.digitalview.com/blog/latency-time-display/). The results are good, these are fast, low latency … [more]

LCD Controllers

DT-4096 New 4K Controller Board

4 July 2022

The Digital View DT-4096 (p/n: 4178200xx-3) is our new 4K resolution LCD controller board with HDMI and Displayport video input, for LCDs with eDP or V-by-One connectivity. The web page is here https://www.digitalview.com/controllers/dt-4096-lcd-controller.html Specifications A … [more]


Digital Display Design

24 May 2022

Search “display design” images on the web and the results are almost exclusively non-digital. But a quick look at the news and designs like the latest EV dashboard will likely show up. The point is … [more]

Smart Cities Connect
Digital Signage

Smart Cities – Conference & Expo

4 April 2022

This week we will be at the Smart Cities Connect expo and conference in Columbus Ohio, April 4 -7. Here is the link to the website: https://spring.smartcitiesconnect.org/ For details of other Smart Cities Connect events … [more]

E Ink

Demo 13.3″ E Ink Display

30 January 2022

For developers wanting to see an E Ink display we made a 13.3″ demo display, it is also a usable and functional display for other purposes. The brochure provides the details, in summary: 13.3″ monochrome … [more]


Connecting an FPC cable

16 January 2022

FPC cables (Flexible Printed Circuit) are quite common in the electronics industry and in particular for connecting certain displays, however, for first-time users it is useful to know how to connect them. Shown below: Photo … [more]