Designing Large Format Display Systems

Our technical team have been doing an amazing job developing our new Integre Chassis product line, and yesterday we got to look at the range. Seeing is believing! These chassis are the formula one of openframe display product realization. So what did I learn… ?

32" Samsung display hosed in an Integre Chassis
A perfect match. Custom Integre Chassis and 32" Samsung LCD Display

Integre Chassis are built for  developers who are designing display products for use in public spaces. They’re custom made (every one of them!) to drive and monitor anything from a 26″ to a 82″ Samsung display, and recently the AUO family of large format monitors as well. You may or may not see from the picture here, but in the flesh it’s smack in the face obvious why Integre is so good. We plugged a Samsung display  into the chassis (Integre is the red chassis part) in a matter of seconds, screwed it together and that was it! The hard casing not only provides ample protection and stability, but houses all the components so that the display runs perfectly.

Everything is accounted for. Power supplies are mounted and immediately put in place all the power failure and load balancing functions to ensure the safety of the panel (there’s a big emphasis on standards compliance). The chassis itself is designed for optimal temperature and airflow, including fans. All the electronics for controlling the unit are mounted and secure with no messy wiring anywhere. Then the monitoring – a board is fitted that uses minimal power to closely watch environmental and operating factors, and can immediately take steps or send warnings to administrators if anything is not right.

I’m not given to ranting about products, but this is a completely new line, and to be honest it’s very exciting to see how it all works. In my opinion this will give such a positive boost to display designers using these panels that it’s worth dropping a few inhibitions and spreading the word.

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