Ambient Lighting & LCD Displays

Did you know that you can build your LCD display system to adjust automatically to ambient light? There are a couple of great reasons why this little accessory is a big consideration…Digital View make an accessory for the range of LCD Controllers which allows display manufacturers to add value by allowing the display to respond to lighting conditions. Speaking to one of our techie guys it quickly became obvious to me that there are two major advantages to including this small footprint accessory. These are:

  1. The comfort for the viewer
  2. Saving on operating costs during darker lighting conditions

For display systems built for situations where light will be variable (such as train stations, shopping malls, theme parks or any outdoor digital signage system) this is a big bonus.

The setup is easy too, just click a button for the lightest and the darkest conditions and the sensor will calibrate the display and from then on it will adjust the brightness of the backlight according to external lighting conditions. Simple really, but a great feature.

See more about Digital View’s LCD Controller accessories at

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