Networking Digital Posters

With a new series of VideoFlyer digital posters hitting the market, it’s time to look at some of the features. Most notably networking.

Digital posters (professional LCD displays in portrait format) are popping up everywhere, and they offer a great way to promote products and services, entertain as well as inform the public. There are several issues involved when making an investment in a digital poster including brightness, drive technology, ease of use, quality of build, accessories, on board features and capabilities amongst others. The issue I want to shed light on is one of management and what’s involved.

You might only be installing one digital poster, or it might be a hundred, but there are usually two options for updating content. Either physically with a USB stick, or over a network. If you know that your content doesn’t change often and that manually updating is easy to manage then you may not need to consider a network connection. However, you may need to be promoting different messages at different times of the day on different sets of posters. In this scenario it’s worth investigating management over a network connection. This will negate the need to go around updating individual players, so your staff or you can concentrate on other things.

Network update is fairly simple to set up. For Digital View products you can use our free DV Studio software. So as long as you have the IP address of the computer on the network that you want to use (local networks or connections over the internet can both be set up) inputting these details is easy. Now you’ll be able to create playlists and have your digital posters updated automatically with your newly scheduled content, saving time and money. Of course this feature of content management is important on any display solution that you consider for network digital message so remember to find out if it costs extra or, like Digital View, you can get a cost effective upgrade path in the future if you think you may need it later.

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