SVX-3840 Ultra-HD 4K LCD Controller Webpage Updated

The webpage for the Digital View SVX-3840 LCD controller for 4K Ultra-HD LCD panels has been updated to include the manual and 2D and 3D drawings as downloads. See here for details.

The SVX-3840 is a feature rich controller model supporting 10 bit LCD panels with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The 8 or 16 string V-by-One panel connection supports both 60Hz and 120Hz LCD panels from Sharp, AUO, LG, Samsung and Innolux. For dedicated use with a 60Hz panel the SVX-3840

Inputs for 4K include HDMI and DisplayPort with other inputs such as VGA and DVI for lower resolutions.


Non-consumer 4K applications are continuing to increase as the cost decreases and people recognize the benefits of higher resolution. We have seen digital signage, corporate AV and retail applications all making use of the larger size 4k LCD panels of 65″ and up. As more smaller size Ultra-HD LCD panels become available there will be an increase in medical and broadcast display requirements. Overall as 4K becomes more widely adopted the display requirements will extend into many other market sectors as well.


A common comment has been about the lack of 4K content however this is primarily a consumer market issue. In the commercial market we have met many creators who work exclusively in 4K producing considerable amounts of Ultra-HD resolution video.  Most non-consumer applications can source or create suitable 4k content to meet their needs.

 SVX-3840 LCD controller from Digital ViewPanel Support

We have already verified connection with quite a few LCD panel models from different manufacturers, if you have a particular requirement please contact us via our contact page.

Update 13 Mar 2015: Here are the 4K LCD panels already tested:

  • AUO 55”, 3840×2160 (60Hz), model P550QVN01v0
  • AUO 65”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model P650QVN01.0
  • AUO 75”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model P750QVN01v0
  • Innolux 28”, 3840×2160 (60Hz), model M280DGJ-L30
  • LG 55”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model LC550EQD-FGF2
  • LG 84”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model LD840EQD-SEM1 (LG 98″ also supported)
  • Sharp 70”, 3840×2160 (120Hz), model LQ695R3xxxx
  • Samsung 75”, 3840×2160 (120Hz) model LTA750FJ01

Update 17 Mar 2015: Modifications to the Specifications page to clarify panel and input signal support. See here.