Controller Utility updated

The Digital View Windows based Controller Utility software has been updated to version 1.02, the principle modification being to add support for the ALR-1920 LCD controller. It is available for download here.

The Controller Utility provides a graphical user interface for many of the RS-232 commands supported by the following Digital View LCD controllers:

  • ALR-1920 (start from V1.12.00 firmware)
  • SVH/HE-1920 (start from V0.48.00 firmware)
  • SVH-1920+ (start from V0.27.00 firmware)
  • SVX/HX-1920 (start from V0.10.00 firmware)
  • SGX-1920/HG-1920 (start from V0.39.00.00 firmware)
  • SGX-1920L (start from V0.50.00.00 firmware)

Furthermore it enables replication of settings from one controller to another.

Not all functions are available for use with all controllers, for example the ALR-1920 does not support the extensive gamma control functions supported by the SVX family of controllers. Also the newer SVX models, SVX-1920v3, SVX-2560 and SVX-3840 are not supported as yet, these will be added in an upcoming release.

All Digital View controllers support a comprehensive and consistent command set though the specific commands supported depend on the functionality of the particular controller. In addition to communication via the RS-232 interface the command set is also supported via Ethernet on some models such as the SVX / SGX & HX models.

Digital View Controller Utility