SVX-3840 LCD Controller - Specifications

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   - AUO
   - Innolux
   - LG
   - Samsung
   - Sharp

60Hz & 120Hz panels supported
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SVX-3840 Specifications Summary
Panel Resolution 3840x2160
Input: HDMI 1.4 30Hz to 3840x2160
60Hz to 1920x1200
75Hz to 1280x1024
480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4k/30
Input: DisplayPort 1.2 
30Hz to 3840x2160
Input : Analog Video ARGB (VGA) to 1920x1024
HD/SD Component (YPbPr / CbCr)
Colors Up to 10-bit per color,
ie 1.06 Billion colors.
Function Interface On Screen Display (OSD) Menu
Function Controls External buttons, Infra-Red controls,
Serial Port control, Ethernet Control.
Image Scaling : Up/Down scaling to fit input to panel
resolution & aspect ratio.
Image Control : Auto configuration, Brightness,
Contrast, Clock, Phase, Color
temperature, Image position,
Saturation, Hue, Gamma.
Other Features : System Information, OSD position,
Scaling to fill screen and fill to aspect
ratio, OSD timeout, Factory reset, OSD
menu transparency, Picture in Picture
variable position with 18 size
selections and Picture by Picture,
Programmable hot keys, Display real time clock. Support for options such as ambient light sensor.
Power Requirements : +12VDC  ±5%,10W
(controller only)
Panel Power : Supports 3.3V, 5V, 12v, 18v
Panel Signal : V-by-One (8 / 16 rail)
Inverter Support : DPMS Enables Pin (3.3v or 5v), Analog or PWM brightness control via serial port controller
Plug & Play : DDC 1,2/b compatible
Status Indicator : Dual Color LED support.