LCD Controller – Product Families

Over the last couple of years we have been consolidating our products into two distinct families:

  • SVX-xxxx: This the most feature rich family and includes models such as the SVX-1920, SGX-1920/L, SVX-1920-SDI as well as harsh environment versions.
  • ALR-xxxx: Providing compact and cost effective solutions the ALR family includes the ALR-1400, ALR-1920, ALR-1920-SDI, ALR-1920-120 and the DD-1920-Dual-DVI.

Each of these models provides clearly differentiated functionality such as support for 120Hz panels or HD-SDI inputs. In addition we of course still support a number of legacy models.

SVX-2560: Looking forward at the rest of 2014 we will continue this with the introduction of the SVX-2560 providing support for panels up to 2560×1600 as well as some 120Hz support at 1920×1080 making a versatile platform for display system developers. This is approaching launch status and is planned for Q2, 2014.

SVX-3840: After that will be the SVX-3840, our first 4K controller with similar functionality to the SVX-2560. More details later but we will be showcasing this very soon!




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