Waiting for OLED? Maybe look out for QLED instead.

In coverage of a recent SID (Society of Information Display) conference the case was put forward that quantum dot technology will make OLED irrelevant within 5 years. The point being put forward is that while quantum dot backed LCDs already provide a color gamut that surpasses OLED a future technology referred to as QLED using quantum dot LEDs will replace OLED.

As reported in an earlier blog the market for displays is looking exciting with plenty of technical innovation and invention yet to happen, it is good to see another perspective added to the potential evolution of displays.

Speaking of SID, Digital View will again be exhibiting at Display Week which we are happy to see is back to being held in San Diego this year, the dates for the exhibition are June 3-5. This will probably be our 17th or 18th year exhibiting there.

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