ALR-1920-SDI Firmware Update

Later this month, March 2014, we will be introducing an update to the ALR-1920-SDI controller providing a number of excellent enhancements:

  • PWM backlight brightness adjustment support, controllable through OSD menu and RS-232 commands.
  • Repeat function on OSD menu button (up/down key & left/right key) control, e.g. press and hold to auto forwards/backwards.
  • Custom panel timing programming (e.g. *.inf) through programming tool, G-Probe.
  • SmartISP programming for firmware upgrade through HDMI/DisplayPort.
  • DDC/CI commands, e.g. brightness, contrast, RGB gain, power states (e.g. On, Standby, Sleep mode).
  • Software controlled power on/off through RS-232 command “0xc8”.
  • Improved EMI performance.
  • Improved HDMI sync detection.
  • Modified image defaults and various other updates.


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