Latency – Time to Display

I did an initial post on the topic of latency back in June, shown below is a more complete list of latency measurements for various Digital View LCD controllers. For many applications the latency caused by buffering and image processing in the controller is not an issue, however with the increase in interactive display systems in digital signage and corporate AV it is getting more attention. We recently ran tests using a third party input signal to image latency tester designed to provide a consistent methodology and basis for comparison.

LCD Controller model Latency (ms)
SVX-4096 (60Hz LCD panel) 15ms
SVX-4096 (120Hz LCD panel) 23ms
SVX-2560 35ms
SVX-1920v3 44ms
ALR-1920 / DD-1920 11ms
ALR-1400 / HE-1400 13ms

The timing is measured on a consistent basis using an input signal timed to the middle rows of the display.

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