IP-60v2 Commands, Control, Monitoring

The IP-50 Ethernet add-on for Digital View LCD controllers was first introduced in 2007 to provide an Ethernet interface for basic telemetry and the extensive set of controller commands. Since that time it has been enhanced to the current version IP-60v2 to make it faster, add memory and extend its functionality to include more display system monitoring telemetry and system control.

Here are a few specs of the IP-60v2:

  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Connection to Digital View LCD controllers: RS-232
  • Control ports:
    • Temperature sensors: 3
    • Light sensor: 1
    • Fans: 4
  • Modes: Web server and direct commands
  • Power: 5vDC (micro USB)
  • Size: 77mm x 51mm (3″ x 2″)

The IP-60v2 adds functionality to Digital View controllers such as the ALR-1920 family providing capabilities for functions such as compatibility with AV room controllers and monitoring sensors or fans in outdoor high bright digital signage displays.

Digital View IP-60v2

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